Sunday, December 31, 2017

My Life is CRAZY!

I'm back again!  This time I'm starting the TAST challenge for 2018! Wowza!  We shall see how far I get this time ! Ha! NO PRESSURE!

Friday, May 20, 2016

I'm back!!!

I'm back among the bloggers!  I've been working on blocks and even though it's not 2012 anymore (!), I'm still in the crazy quilting game. I had to drop out of the CQ group I was going to in KC, just too far and in uncharted territories.  May pick them up again too - what a bunch of CREATIVE gals!!
Speaking of CREATIVE Gals, I'm in love with The Creative Place in Spring Hill Kansas!  Its perfect for retreats - both open and closed!  LOTS of great light, very roomy and the nicest owner ever! It's also across the street from The Quilted Sunflower Quilt Shop - always a good thing to have a shop close when you are creating! Check out the Creative Place at and the Quilted Sunflower at
I am working on a "quick" block for a friends birthday, I will upload a glance at it! Tell me what you think-

Sunday, July 19, 2015

OMG - I blinked and its mid-2015! I have rejoined the TAST from Pintangle and am looking forward to the discipline I will need- obviously I've been remiss on posting.  But now I'm ready to start again on my blocks.  I just have to decide which one to start - may take me the rest of this year! Ha! not really....I hope!
First up:  The FLY Stitch........

Sunday, October 6, 2013

WOW! The year has gone by and now its October and I'm not any further along - although my quest for all things embellishment has been very fruitful!  I've gotten some wonderful buttons, trims, etc... and have found a couple places to find the greatest lace!  OMG!  Now I really have to start creating again!  I'm looking forward to it! Things are better in my life - I can tell, I'm kind of out of my bleak black phase and am looking at color again!  Got a fabulous peacock to embroider from Mary Pat and have been thinking, thinking how best to do it - it's a dresser scarf which would be beautiful on my dinning room table but I really want to cut it up and create something  new and vibrant with it!
Hang on!!! And for those who doubt - I promise to check in within the year! Maybe even the month -oooh promises promises!!!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

January almost done...

How come every time I think I've got time to start something, Life gets overdone!  Two sisters coming into town on the same week!  What are the odds? Trying to change "well loved-lived in home" into "clean house beautiful"-Don't think it can be done and you know that saying "in 20 years nobody will remember...", well its 20 years later and here comes Sis!  Blocks are almost done - will upload them asap (meaning as soon as one of the kids can show me how! Ha!)  FYI-
 Pearson is 8 weeks old, cute as a bunny and such a friend magnet - were out to dinner last night, and saw two very old friends - from when Sadie was little - they were so pleased to see her and her baby.  Me and Gramps....not so much! Ha!  Babies (and children) will do that - we'll always be Sadie's parents ("what were our names again....?")

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Only a little late.....

I do have my January block started.... and will get February going as well.  I've been so impressed with the lovely blocks that have been posted so far - and great ideas!  To hell with the dishes, laundry etc.... I'm going to create all day...... or until the dryer buzzes and I feel guilty!  Ha!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

January Blues....and greens....and on and on....

Wow- thought I could find the time to make my blocks, but January has been super busy and my needlework and beadwork always end up at the bottom of the list of things to get done.  I've been working on them, but ever so slowly!  Still have 1/2 a month left - and there's a football game tonight - primetime for needlework!